[Mailman-Users] mailman stop sending mails to the list

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Apr 12 00:05:08 CEST 2006

Luis Bermudez wrote:
>I deleted the file with the problem and the message.
>Then I stopped and started mailman using  mailmanctl. Stop and  
>restart the service from server admin (to be sure )  and now the  
>lists are working  fine.


>Some questions:
>  - How does the file got corrupt it - Is there something else I have  
>to check (upgrade etc..)  for this not to happen again ?

I don't know how it happened. Maybe a transient hardware error. You
could check Mailman's error log for the first error at the start of
the problem, but I doubt that it will relate to the cause. If there
was an exception in writing the original queue files, it might have
been passed back to the MTA via the mail/mailman wrapper, and there
might be something in the MTA log, but I doubt that too since the
xxx.db file is actually written as xxx.tmp and renamed to xxx.db as
the final step.

>  - If mailman stops sending emails but restarting the service solves  
>the problem what is it happening - what should I check the next time  
>this happens.

Probably one or more qrunners has stopped. See which qrunners are
running and which aren't. There are a total of 8 qrunners plus
mailmanctl that should be running always.

Check Mailman's qrunner and error logs. If these don't tell you why the
missing qrunner(s) stopped, check OS logs for further clues.

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