[Mailman-Users] Why mailman still sending email to an in-active mailing list?

Chan Nan channan99 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 12 21:39:28 CEST 2006


I had a pretty strange case regarding an old,
terminated mailing list yet still sending out emails
to members.  I searched and googled everywhere but
still don't know how to fix it.

Case info: I had a domain with a mailing list (using
mailman) a few years ago.  However, I dropped my
domain (but didn't do anytning with mailman) later on.
 I assumed the mailing list will be terminated itself.
 Later on, someone else got the domain and hosted with
an ISP outthere, nothing to do with me.  I recently
found out that my members still geting the email from
the mailing list to them.  Here's some info from my
member's mail:

From: Mailman-bounces at uranium.nocdirect.com
> [mailto:Mailman-bounces at uranium.nocdirect.com] On
Behalf Of > mailman-owner at xyz.com
(where xyz.com) is my old domain

My question is "What does it have to do with
nocdirect.com?".  There's not much info about
nocdirect.com that I can find on the web.  I sent the
info to xyz.com and ask them to look into it for the
time being.  Shouldn't mailman automatically
terminated if the server has been changed ownership
(and physical box)?

Thanks in advanced for any pointer you may have...

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