[Mailman-Users] Global incoming gateway

Rob Jackson robertj at linux4free.com
Wed Apr 12 22:33:55 CEST 2006

I already have a Message Board set up with a dummy user account, which is
actually the mailing list address.  This user is set to receive ever post to
the message board in e-mail format.  I know I can just add the from: email
address to the list of subscribers, but with many lists, and new lists being
created, I really want it to be a global accept.  I also don't want the list
admins to be able to remove this account from the subcribers.


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On 4/11/06, Rob Jackson <robertj at linux4free.com> wrote:
> I have a message board that I want to integrate with mailman.  
> Messages will be sent from the message board to the list.  I need a global
accept for any
> list to accept messages coming from the message boards.   This setting
> needs to be either invisible or not removable from any list.

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