[Mailman-Users] Why mailman still sending email to an in-activemailing list?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Apr 12 22:35:16 CEST 2006

Chan Nan wrote:
>Case info: I had a domain with a mailing list (using
>mailman) a few years ago.  However, I dropped my
>domain (but didn't do anytning with mailman) later on.
> I assumed the mailing list will be terminated itself.

Was this a hosted domain and Mailman? If so, the hosting provider
should have removed your Mailman list when you quit paying your bill.

> Later on, someone else got the domain and hosted with
>an ISP outthere, nothing to do with me.  I recently
>found out that my members still geting the email from
>the mailing list to them.  Here's some info from my
>member's mail:
>From: Mailman-bounces at uranium.nocdirect.com
>> [mailto:Mailman-bounces at uranium.nocdirect.com] On
>Behalf Of > mailman-owner at xyz.com
>(where xyz.com) is my old domain
>My question is "What does it have to do with

This looks like a password reminder email. uranium.nocdirect.com is the
current host_name attribute of the mailman (site) list that sent the
mail, xyz.com is the host_name of the list(s) for which the password
reminders are being sent.

>There's not much info about
>nocdirect.com that I can find on the web.  I sent the
>info to xyz.com and ask them to look into it for the
>time being.

whois nocdirect.com


   Jaguar Technologies LLC
   client_of jaguar (sales at jaguarpc.com)
   Fax: +1.7139601581
   4201 SW Freeway
   Houston, TX 77027

as the contact info for all 3 (administrative, technical and
registrant) contacts.

>Shouldn't mailman automatically
>terminated if the server has been changed ownership
>(and physical box)?

Mailman itself is not aware of any of this. It would be up to the
hosting provider to delete old lists in a domain or server before
turning it over to a new customer.

Note that the current xyz.com domain may have nothing to do with this.
The list still exists on some box somewhere and still has a host_name
attribute of xyz.com, but this doesn't mean that that box has an
address in the xyz.com domain.

<http://uranium.nocdirect.com/mailman/listinfo> is a valid URL for a
Mailman installation. It is this installation, wherever it is, that
still has your list on it. It is unlikely that you could access it
either by web or email at the xyz.com domain, since that address is
presumably now hosted elsewhere, but if you append your list name to
the above URL or to the <http://uranium.nocdirect.com/mailman/admin>
URL, you might be able to access your old list and delete all the
members or possibly even delete the list if the site allows it.

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