[Mailman-Users] Global incoming gateway

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Apr 12 22:56:41 CEST 2006

Rob Jackson wrote:

>I already have a Message Board set up with a dummy user account, which is
>actually the mailing list address.  This user is set to receive ever post to
>the message board in e-mail format.  I know I can just add the from: email
>address to the list of subscribers, but with many lists, and new lists being
>created, I really want it to be a global accept.  I also don't want the list
>admins to be able to remove this account from the subcribers.

on implementing a custom handler in Mailman. What you want is a
handler early in the pipeline, probably just before or after the
existing 'Approve' handler and before 'Moderate' in any case, that
will recognize based on some set of message attributes (header values,
etc.) a message from the Message Board and set 'approved':1 in the
message metadata. It should also check x-beenthere: headers for loops,
and maybe set 'adminapproved':1 as well if you want such messages to
bypass emergency moderation.

Look at the Mailman/Handlers/Approve.py for a more detailed idea of
what is required.

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