[Mailman-Users] A little help please

rjulien at cox.net rjulien at cox.net
Thu Apr 13 22:39:01 CEST 2006

Well, I have managed to bollox up my perfectly functioning mailman install, at the request of my Sr Manager.

Said Sr Manager decided that they did not like the name we had chosen for our domain, so they asked us to change it.  When we changed it, the mail does not work.  Sigh.

I can launch the web pages, add subtract, modify and view the list info.  It just does not communicate.  Clearly I am just missing somewhere in the systems where I need to change the domain name.

I probably am overthinking this one, and the answer is right in front of me - but I am fried and not thinking well.

Can somebody point ou my brain dead oversight?

Much obliged to any who can.



Running 2.1.7
Solaris 10

Rich Julien
Vice President and CTO
IntelDynamics LLC
Alexandria VA
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