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Mark.A.Lombardo mark.a.lombardo at olney-scout-group.org.uk
Thu Apr 20 07:07:31 CEST 2006

Hi Patrick

No problems sending emails, from domain to personal or vice versa.


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    On 4/19/06, Mark.A.Lombardo <mark.a.lombardo at olney-scout-group.org.uk> wrote:
    > The situation is as follows, if I post from my domain name  email accounts,
    > it never appears, but if I post from personal account (not related) to the
    > site, then it come through fine.
    My guess would be that your hosting company is somehow improperly
    routing internal mail. This is almost certainly not a Mailman issue
    and, furthermore, almost certainly not something you can fix.
    You might want to double-check the configuration that you're using to
    send email (make sure you have the proper SMTP server, etc.) Can your
    domain name email accounts send mail to your personal account
    - Patrick Bogen
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