[Mailman-Users] Which lists does a subscriber belong to

Jim Swift ostonica at shaw.ca
Sat Apr 22 23:31:29 CEST 2006

I look after about 30 lists, which have recently been moved to a Mailman
server. One routine task is to find out which lists a particular email
address is subscribed to.

Much to my surprise and some dismay, there simply does not seem to be a a
way to to this in Mailman. The lists were on a Lyris server until the ISP
hosting the lyris server moved last week, and the only quick fix was a move
to an available Mailman server.

I used to send the command "which email_address" to the lyris manager and
received the list names that the address was subscriber to.

Please could someone let me know how I can get this information from Mailman?

Many thanks

Jim Swift

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