[Mailman-Users] Postfix Virtual Mailbox Domains

Adam Mattina amattina at layer8group.com
Tue Apr 25 19:05:52 CEST 2006

I'm not sure if I understand what the difference is between "virtual
email domains" and "virtual alias domains" but I have setup; and am
running the following:

Linux 2.6/Apache2/Postfix/mySQL/vmailAdmin/mailman using maildrop to
deliver mail.

mySQL handles the domains on the box and individual user account
information.  This is managed by vmailAdmin.

Mailman is setup to run on any of the domains I setup on the box and can
be accessed via: mailman.domain1.com, mailman.domain2.com, etc. 

The biggest PIA was to get the Postfix config file correct.  I had to
tell postfix where everything was and since half of my mail system is in
a DB (individual users and their info) and the other half in mailman's
files(mailing list information)...it was tricky. 

Post your questions to the list and I'll do my best to advise if you
need it.  I'm sure others can help as well and it took me a while to get
working properly.  It's a non-trivial setup and could be a rocky ride if
it's your first time.

"You never forget your first time."

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I have postfix set up on FreeBSD with virtual mailbox domains (i.e.
mailboxes don't map to freeBSD accounts).  All the documentation I have
found about Mailman talks about virtual alias domains.  I haven't been
able to find any detailed information on how mailman should be set up in
such circumstances despite much googling.

So I am trying to set up virtual alias domains for mailman to handle
alongside the existing virtual mailbox domains.  I'm asking on the
Postfix mailing list if this is wise (so far not sure if it will work at
all!).  I was wondering if anyone here had any experience getting
mailman working with virtual mailbox domains and would be able to pass
on any wisdom.



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