[Mailman-Users] Problems Installing from SVN

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Apr 25 19:33:38 CEST 2006

James Davis wrote:

>I'm looking to tweak the source of my mailman installation a little so
>decided to install from source onto my Debian system using the
>subversion repository. This is the first time I've installed mailman
>from source, usually I just rely upon the Debian packages.
>Everything installed without a problem, so good so far. But when I go to
>view the webpages I get the following error in my browser.

The subversion trunk is not currently usable. It is undergoing a major
change in "logging" which is incomplete, plus other changes. I'm a bit
confused by the errors you report since the web page bug that I'm
aware of was fixed in subversion before the ReopenableFileHandler
class was added to loginit.py. What is in the error log from the web
page bug?

If you want to install from source, the best bet is to get the 2.1.8
tarball. You can also get the subversion Release_2_1-maint branch, but
with the exception of the addition of the Vietnamese translation, this
is the same as 2.1.8.

>Any ideas? I'm using Python 2.3.5.

Python 2.3 will be the minimum for Mailman 2.2, so you should be OK

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