[Mailman-Users] Restoring Mailman

Brian Fahrlander Brian at fahrlander.net
Tue Apr 25 00:47:37 CEST 2006

    Mailman is a well-made product; it's slick, simple, reliable,
        everything you'd want from a mailing list but one: a clearness
        documentation.  I've installed it three times, and I swear I
        don't know how I did it.  Sendmail, on the other hand, when
        you've installed it, you *know* how you did it, ya know?
            That's what's making things hard for us, over here. The OS
        is Fedora Core 4 (Ubuntu's RAID-setup isn't easy, yet) and we're
        running the most recent RPM available, mailman-2.1.5-35.fc4.
            A server was running this for several years- long enough to
        start to worry about the reliability of the disk drives, and
        long enough for subsequent admins to make some mistakes that
        turned a bit messy.  So we take the old drive, set it for IDE
        secondary-master, put in a new drive, and mounted the old drive,
        Read-only, as /archive until we're completely transitioned.
            And ya know- I coulda *sworn* the actual list of subscribers
        was in a text file, but it isn't.
            Key questions:
            1. What, explicitly, do I copy from the archive to get the
        back, and what steps do I take to make them work?  Simply
        copying the files that seem right, don't work at all. I suspect
        the binary to check the configuration will be involved, but the
        docs are driving me up a tree.
            2. Am I doing this right? Usually when I spend a couple of
        days Googling and turn up nothing, it means I'm doing something
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