[Mailman-Users] Restoring Mailman

Brian Fahrlander Brian at fahrlander.net
Wed Apr 26 03:11:56 CEST 2006

On Tue, 2006-04-25 at 16:32 -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Brian Fahrlander wrote:
> >        
> >            And ya know- I coulda *sworn* the actual list of subscribers
> >        was in a text file, but it isn't.
> Right. It's in lists/<listname>/config.pck along with the list
> configuration.
> >            Key questions:
> >        
> >            1. What, explicitly, do I copy from the archive to get the
> >        lists
> >        back, and what steps do I take to make them work?  Simply
> >        copying the files that seem right, don't work at all.
> I don't know what seems right to you, but the lists/ and archives/
> directories have almost everything. The rest is maybe some held
> messages in data/ and queued messages in process in qfiles/.
> Simply restoring lists/<listname>/config.pck into a working instalation
> should get a functional list except for archives.

    Well, it appears to have worked, despite a permission problem
(between the two different installs).  I sense that the archived
messages are a whole, other kettle-of-fish?  :)

    BTW: I only meant to send the one message- the others were held up
due to a reverse-IP problem that appears only now to be fixed.  Thanks
for the help!

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