[Mailman-Users] "-owner" works, "-admin" doesn't...

Kris Wilk kris at reefnet.ca
Wed Apr 26 17:50:03 CEST 2006

SHORT VERSION...sending to "-owner" gets delivered fine, but sending to 
"-admin" gets vanishes (no bounce) and tallys a bounce count against the 
owner address. What would cause this??



- I have an announcement-style Mailman list (let's call it LIST)
- LIST is hosted on a shared web server running cPanel
- LIST is configured to send the owner subscription notifications


- A few weeks ago, I stopped getting subscription notifications
- A few days later, I got a message from Mailman saying that my address 
had excessive bounces and was disabled. I had to re-enable MY OWN 

This prompted me to test the "LIST-owner" and "LIST-admin" addresses...

- The "-owner" address is delivered to me just fine.
- The "-admin" address never delivers. No bounce msg to sender either.
- EVEN WORSE...each mail sent to "-admin" seems to get treated as a 
BOUNCE event against MY (owner) address!


- I have checked my /etc/valiases/<domain> file and all the forwarders 
to mailman are exactly as they used to be. All looks perfect.
- I tried creating a brand new list with all default settings...same 
- I got other people from my web host to try the same on other 
servers...some work fine, and some servers have the same problem as mine.

ANY IDEAS?? I found this thread from 3 years ago which seems to be a 
similar problem, but the thread fizzled without a solution:


I'm ready to pull my hair out!

Kris Wilk
ReefNet Inc.

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