[Mailman-Users] Any easy way to remove one email address from aqueued message?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Apr 27 03:36:11 CEST 2006

Sam Cannell wrote:
>Our mail server is choking on a (syntactically incorrect) recipient
>address for a message in Mailman's queue.  The message has been
>delivered to some of the recipients, but Mailman keeps retrying this one
>address and not continuing with the rest:

Presumably, you are asking about removing this address from the queued
message and not from the list. If you haven't removed it from the list
and are having difficulty doing so, see

Step one. The message is queued between retries in qfiles/retry. There
is probably only the one entry, but if you need to check for sure, use
bin/dumpdb or bin/show_qfiles to look at entries.

Step two. Move the queue entries with the bad address out of the
qfiles/ heierarchy.

Step three. The hard way. If you are proficient with Python and
Mailman, use bin/withlist to start an interactive session with the
list. Load the message and the metadata from the queue entry .pck
pickle, delete the bad address from the recips list in the metadata
and then either call Mailman.Handlers.SMTPDirect.process(mlist, msg,
msgdata) or repickle the message and metadata in a .pck file and put
it in the out queue or the retry queue.

Step three. The Easy way. Use bin/dumpdb or bin/show_qfiles to extract
the message text from the queue entry or get it from the archive or
the digest or the lists/<listname>/digest.mbox file and repost it to
the list (maybe using bin/inject) with an apology to those who receive
it twice.

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