[Mailman-Users] "-owner" works, "-admin" doesn't...

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Apr 27 04:01:58 CEST 2006

Kris Wilk wrote:
>Interesting idea...all I know for sure is that no matter what address I 
>use as the owner (I've also tried setting it to an off-site gmail 
>account), test mails of any format sent to "-admin" do not get to the owner.

Mail sent to -admin doesn't go to the owner directly. It only goes in
an unrecognized bounce notice if
bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner is yes.

Check Mailman's bounce log (if you can). When you send to -admin there
should be an entry

  bounce message w/no discernable addresses: <message-id>

and a "forwarding unrecognized" entry.

Then if this is followed by a bounce scored for you or a 'already
scored a bounce' for you, this is the owner notification that bounced.
If you then turn off notifying the owner on unrecognized bounces, and
you get the first message in the log, but not the second, you can be
sure it is the owner notice that was bouncing. (You may need to wait
for a "processing n queued bounces") message before seeing the "score"

>Yet sending directly to "-owner" works just dandy.
>What's even more weird is that if subscribe notifications go to 
>"-owner", how would they bounce and my test messages to "-owner" not?

They have different From: headers and different content. If it's
filtering, maybe the From: in the case of your messages is white
listed and the listname-owner that the notices are From: is not.

But you say, the messages don't get to even an owner with a gmail
address, so any filtering would have to be applied by the Mailman host
at the outgoing SMTP level to be the cause of this issue.

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