[Mailman-Users] "-owner" works, "-admin" doesn't...

Kris Wilk kris at reefnet.ca
Thu Apr 27 08:57:40 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> If the bounce is reported directly back to Mailman as a
> reject at the SMTP level, there should be something in Mailman's
> smtp-failure log.

B-I-N-G-O (I think)! The smtp-failure log has entries like:

Apr 27 01:20:09 2006 (12765) All recipients refused: {'kris at reefnet.ca': 
(550, 'Verification failed for <mailman-bounces at reefnet.ca>\nNo Such 
User Here\nSender verify failed')}, msgid: 
<mailman.22.1146115208.18401.fubar_reefnet.ca at reefn$
Apr 27 01:20:09 2006 (12765) delivery to kris at reefnet.ca failed with 
code 550: Verification failed for <mailman-bounces at reefnet.ca>
No Such User Here
Sender verify failed

Seems like SMTP is rejecting mail that is supposed to have come from 
"mailman-bounces at reefnet.ca". That address does not - and never did - 
exist as a real account as far as I know. In the past (when all was 
working) the server must have been configured with less stringent sender 
verification, or some exception for "mailman-" addresses.

Sure enough, if I temporarily create an account "mailman-bounces at ...", 
everything starts working as expected. Not sure if that's the "proper" 
solution...I'm guessing I don't really need the account, but rather an 
SMTP rule of some sort to allow the necessary sender addresses.

Now I have the ammunition I need to confront my host again...THANKS!!


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