[Mailman-Users] Missing Unsubscription Requests

Edward Muller edwardam at interlix.com
Sat Apr 29 03:02:46 CEST 2006

I am hosting a list (running on 2.1.7) that is missing unsubscription requests 
on the 'admindb' page.

The list is configured to have moderated unsubscription requests, so people 
don't have to confirm their unsubscriptions, which seems to cause a lot of 

I know the unsubscription request was made because:
a) they show up in the 'vette' log
b) Some people are sending angry emails to the return address of the list.

But those people are still on the list, the list admin (who I know personally) 
has told me they haven't discarded them, and the unsubscription requests 
don't show up on the 'admindb' page. 

I don't mean that all unsubscription requests don't show up, some do.

I've looked over the error logs, which do have some errors, but nothing 
related to unsubscription requests.

Any help in debugging this?
Edward Muller
Interlix, LLC

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