[Mailman-Users] Can 'mailman at domain' be changed ?

Ace Suares lists at suares.an
Sat Apr 29 13:47:41 CEST 2006


But unfortunately we already have 
add_virtualhost('list.domain.com', 'list.domain.com') in place, since the 
webinterface is at https://list.domain.com and the mail gets handled 

But I'll figure this out, we need to move to 2.1.8 anyway, soon.


On Friday 21 April 2006 15:33, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Ace Suares wrote:
> >On version 2.1.5, on the listinfo page, an email adres 
> > 'mailman at domain' is mentioned. We have a situation where our clients
> > work with mailinglists on 'lists.domain' but receive their mail at
> > 'domain'.
> >
> >So, instead of having the listinfo page list 'mailman at list.domain.com'
> > we would like it to display 'mailman at domain.com' but we can not find
> > a way how to do that. Can you help !?
> The domain portion of this address depends in various ways on what's in
> mm_cfg.py and perhaps Defaults.py and possibly on what version of
> Mailman you are running (there was an error in this area not corrected
> until 2.1.8).
> It is complicated to explain all the possibilities, so see the
> definitions of get_domain() and get_site_email() in Mailman/Utils.py
> Basically, if you have VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW = On (the default) and you
> access the listinfo page at http://list.domain.com/mailman.listinfo
> and you have add_virtualhost('list.domain.com', 'domain.com') in
> mm_cfg.py (or if these are the DEFAULT_URL_HOST and DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST
> values), you should see what you want.

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