[Mailman-Users] ContentType is changed from text/html to multipart/mixed

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Wed Aug 9 19:46:20 CEST 2006

Ki Song sent the message below at 10:30 8/9/2006:
>For some reason, even though I formatted my message as content-type
>text/html, mailman changes the content-type to multipart/mixed.
>I checked the content filtering settings and nothing there that I can see
>changes the content type. The only one I see is an option to change from
>text/html to text/plain (which is not turned on).
>Does anyone know how to keep the content-type as text/html?
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It's your MUA doing this and it is the right thing for it to do.

When you create an HTML e-mail, your MUA should create a 
multipart\mixed message with at least a text\plain part and a 
text\html part. This is done to be nice to people who prefer to not 
receive HTML e-mail among other reasons.


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