[Mailman-Users] Enable moderated list to always accept someemails?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Aug 24 04:08:01 CEST 2006

Matt England wrote:

>At 8/11/2006 08:57 PM, Brad Knowles wrote:
>>You could have the mail2forum software add an appropriate "Approved:"
>>header to the message, and that would go through.
>Ok, so I've researched how to do this (and it appears as simple as adding 
>an "Approved: <list-admin-password>" header to the outgoing email of 
>mail2forum.com), but said implementation requires me to embed, in clear 
>text, the list admin password in the mail2forum software sitting on my 
>webserver.  Not cool.
>Whilelisting the email address doesn't work either, because the From: email 
>address is different per forum poster.

If USE_ENVELOPE_SENDER = Yes in mm_cfg.py, the address checked against
the whitelist (accept_these_nonmembers) is the address in the Sender:
header if any. This may help.

>The best answer I can see is to patch Mailman somehow to have it allow the 
>header unique to Mail2forum.  Could anyone provide me any ideas how 
>where/how to best apply this patch?  Should I post this to the devs list?

No need to post to Mailman-Developers. Use a custom handler. See

The handler needs to be inserted in the pipeline somewhere before
Moderate, but immediately before or after Approve seems the logical
place. Look at Mailman/Handlers/Approve.py for an idea of what to do.

You could just patch Approve.py, but then you have to reapply the patch
after any update. A custom handler installed per the FAQ will survive
any updates/upgrades.

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