[Mailman-Users] mail not sent in chroot

Pierre Forget tech14 at netaxis.ca
Fri Dec 1 01:48:26 CET 2006


installed from source in chroot
slackware 2.4.32
sendmail 8.13.5 (not chrooted)

I also have a version installed out of chroot, and if I create or 
modify a list from command prompt, I get the confirmation email 
correctly (email telling you that the list was created with passwd, 

 From the chrooted version, I can access the web pages, create lists, 
modify lists OK. But, when I do it from the web page, I don't get the 
confirmation email correctly. No errors found in any logs. Seems that 
the mail just disappears.

I can send from chroot with Perl, PHP. I already have a standard mail 
server and an IMAP server running on this machine (HORDE/IMP).

Installed with /usr/local/mailman from root and then copied to the 
chroot, keeping the ownership and permission.

I didn't install the aliases yet, but I presume that the confirmation 
email don't need the aliases. Am I right? When you create the list the 
first time, the list of aliases are sent in an email, so you 
theorically don't need them, until you start using the list.

Thanks for the help,

Pierre Forget

Netaxis inc, www.netaxis.ca
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