[Mailman-Users] Sending emails via Mailman Issue

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Dec 1 07:59:47 CET 2006

At 9:45 AM +1100 12/1/06, Saxvik, Ben wrote:

>  I verified that sendmail was running and it was. I then proceeded to
>  /etc/hosts file and found that the loopback address for the machine was
>  incorrect. Instead of the address being it was ::1. Once I
>  change it back it was all sweet.

The address is IPv4 localhost, while ::1 is IPv6 localhost. 
So, technically both forms are correct, and which one is preferred 
will depend on which version of the IP stack is loaded on your 
machine, and which IP addresses are assigned to your machine.

You need to check with your network administrator before you make a 
change like this.

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