[Mailman-Users] Moderation action

Dominika Tkaczyk d.tkaczyk at uw.edu.pl
Mon Dec 4 09:54:15 CET 2006


Mark Sapiro napisał(a): 

> Patrick Bogen wrote: 
>>Unfortunately, it looks like, since Moderate.py comes before anything
>>else, there's no really 'correct' way to do this.
> It doesn't come before SpamDetect which processes header_filter_rules,
> so your suggestion below won't work.

Thank you both for your answers. 

What if I did as you suggested first, but instead of one filter rule that 
matches everything, there would be one filter rule for each address I want 
held (I assume that there won't be more than 4-5 such subscribers), and such 
a rule would match a From: header with that address, and of course action 
would be Hold?
Does it make any sense or you think it would be better to use the energy to 
write a patch to the source code? 

>>One option that ought to work, however, would be the following:
>>Moderate all users that you want rejected, and set
>>member_moderation_action to reject. Unmoderate the users you want
>>held. Add a header filter rule that matches on everything (something
>>like a single caret ('^') should suffice), and is set to Hold. I
>>haven't tested this, and I don't know if it will work or not.


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