[Mailman-Users] conversion

Melinda gilmore.126 at osu.edu
Wed Dec 6 19:44:21 CET 2006

I could use some pointers in my conversion from Listproc to Mailman.   I am
also going from a Solaris machine to a Redhat Linux.   I am very very new to
Unix, Linux and could use some help in my conversion over to the new machine
with Mailman.   How exactly can I get my old Listproc Lists merged over to
this new mailman machine.  How does mailman get its address?  What will
happen to my old address of the old list when created with the new list?
Can I keep them the same??



Pardon my ingnorance to any of those that are expert at this.   I have
managed to install Mailman on a Redhat box so far.  But still have to go
through the configuration.  



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