[Mailman-Users] removing members with non-standard characters

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Dec 8 18:07:18 CET 2006

Anne Ramey wrote:
>I should have mentioned that will not work for this case.  You'll notice 
>that these are not all nice ascii characters.  some are spaces, some 
>deletes, some other hex values...I don't know what they all are because 
>they will not copy and past nicely.  They don't appear at all when I do 
>list_members.  Any other ideas

There are several options and I have lots of ideas.

Have you tried just checking the 'unsub' box next to the entry?

The 'address' you see looks a lot like the URL of the options page that
the address is a link to. Perhaps you are not seeing the address at
all, but rather, you are seeing the result of funny characters in the
address confusing the browser's rendering of the anchor tag. It looks
is a link to the options page of the user whose address is


(if you replace --at-- with @, %00 with ^@, %1F with ^_, %01 with ^A
and %03 with ^C)

Do you see brianv at ncccs.cc.nc.us on the list_members output? Does this
entry appear in the membership list on its own page at the beginning?

It also looks like someone mass subscribed a list pasted from or output
by a word processor

If the bad addresses don't appear in list_members (I don't know why
they wouldn't, but maybe they just appear with the control characters
that you don't see and thus look OK) you can do

  bin/list_members listname | bin/synch_members -f - -n listname

and if you like what that says, you can do

  bin/list_members listname | bin/synch_members -f - listname

You might also try

  bin/list_members -i listname

to see what that shows.

You could create a simple withlist script to validate member addresses
and delete invalid ones..

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