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I got it fixed and arrgh  the system is corrupted and the user list is gone

Which now asks this question..  I have a system also using Smartlist.
While a bit of a stinker ( I took over the system from afreind who passed

But the option I really do like is that every night the contents of the
users distibution list
is e-mailed to the list owner and the users are backed up into a 3 day

Does mailman have a provision for backing up the users list on a daily basis


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I am not if I have the correct list to ask this, but  ;-)

I host a couple of mailman lists   Seem to working just fine

I have 2 questions..

1 How you prune old messages from the archives.. Looks like you can just
delete them but!!!

2 I have lost a list name on the admin page  I think the list is still
   But the name is missing.  Any thoughts ??



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