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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Dec 10 00:06:41 CET 2006

Dave Foran wrote:
>But the option I really do like is that every night the contents of the
>users distibution list
>is e-mailed to the list owner and the users are backed up into a 3 day
>Does mailman have a provision for backing up the users list on a daily basis

Not out of the box, but you could add a cron job to run
bin/list_members and mail the result to the list owner. You could use
bin/list_lists to get the list names. something like

for list in `$prefix/bin/list_lists --bare`
do $prefix/bin/list_members -f -p $list \
| mail -s "Members of the $list list" $list-owner at example.com

You could also add something to that script to rotate a few generations
of $prefix/lists/$list/config.pck

cp $prefix/lists/$list/config.pck.2 $prefix/lists/$list/config.pck.3
cp $prefix/lists/$list/config.pck.1 $prefix/lists/$list/config.pck.2
cp $prefix/lists/$list/config.pck $prefix/lists/$list/config.pck.1

The config.pck file contains all the member data and the list
configuration basically everything about the list except archives,
held messages and pending requests.

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