[Mailman-Users] Turning off unsubscription confirmation

Ben Swihart ben at graphicbliss.com
Mon Dec 11 23:25:47 CET 2006

Sorry if I confused you.  Allow me to clarify.  First, I am using 
version 2.1.9.cp1, which I don't think I have mentioned so far.

What I really wanted was to turn off unsubscription confirmations, as we 
don't feel there is a threat of malicious "spoof" unsubscribes on this 
particularly benign list about art events.  However, you can only turn 
off *all* confirmations (by selecting "None" in 'What steps are required 
for subscription?'), which I did and was experimenting with to see if it 
could work.  When I did this, e-mail command results were being 
e-mailed. Since I can't fix that problem, I have set "What steps are 
required for subscription?" to Confirm.

Thank you for answering my question - there is no way to turn off only 
unsubscription confirmation e-mails.

Note: I applied a patch and reviewed your previous e-mail (referenced 
below) and have followed instructions carefully and verified the code is 
as you have suggested. And restarted.

My problem is resolved, as far as this particular use of mailman.  
However, if you set mailman to show the None option and select it, that 
appears to cause the e-mail command results bug.

Thank you,


Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Ben Swihart wrote:
>> Because we are unable to stop mailman from delivering e-mail command 
>> results to our subscribers, we have gone back to a confirmation system 
>> whereby an e-mail is sent to users when a subscription request is made.
> Now I'm really confused. I thought that what was happening before was
> your users would submit a subscription request and receive a confirm
> email saying they needed to reply (or visit a web link) to confirm
> their subscription, and when they replied to the confirm email, they
> would get both a 'results of your email commands' message and a list
> welcome message, and you didn't want both. And I said I didn't
> understand why the user was sent the 'results of your email commands'
> commands message because it shouldn't be sent in this case.
> Now it sounds like this is the system you have 'gone back to', so what
> were you doing before?
> Also, I was trying to work with you to find out what the problem is. I
> asked some questions in my reply at
> <http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2006-December/054733.html>.
> Did you answer these off list? There is nothing in the archive.
> Anyway, they may not be the correct questions as it now seems I didn't
> understand what you were doing.
>> However, we feel that unsubscription confirmation is uncessary and the 
>> unsub e-mail is basically an extra step.  How do you turn off the unsub 
>> confirmation e-mail and keep the sub confirmation e-mail?
> The only way for a user to unsubscribe without a confirmation is to log
> in to her options page with her password and unsubscribe from there.
> Any other unsubscribe method can be easily spoofed, thus a
> confirmation is required. I don't know if you were avoiding this in
> the past, and if you were, I don't know how, at least not without
> modifying code.

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