[Mailman-Users] Turning off unsubscription confirmation

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Dec 12 00:12:21 CET 2006

Ben Swihart wrote:
>My problem is resolved, as far as this particular use of mailman.  
>However, if you set mailman to show the None option and select it, that 
>appears to cause the e-mail command results bug.

Aaahh - the light dawns. I didn't realize the 'command results' email
was in response to the 'subscribe' email. I thought it was in response
to a 'confirm' email.

So, yes, if you have ALLOW_OPEN_SUBSCRIBE = Yes in mm_cfg.py and have
the list's subscribe_policy = None, you will get both a welcome
message and a 'results of your email commands' message in response to
a successful 'subscribe' command. Both the base code which avoids
sending a response to a successful 'confirm' if a welcome will be sent
and the patch which I sent which avoids responding to all successful
'confirms' only address 'confirm' commands, not 'subscribe' commands.

So yes, it may be a bug in that it is not necessary to send a 'results'
message if the subscribe requires no confirmation or approval and a
welcome will be sent, but it is not a bug in the sense of code not
working as intended, because it was never intended to recognize this
case and not send the results.

However, I'm still confused about unsubscription confirmation. The
list's subscribe_policy shouldn't affect this. It is affected by
unsubscribe_policy in that if unsubscribe requires moderator approval,
no user confirmation is required, but otherwise, confirmation is
required unless the users password was provided in the email
unsubscribe command or the user logged in and unsubscribed from the
options page.

Perhaps it is a cPanel modification to allow unconfirmed unsubscribes
when subscribe_policy is None.

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