[Mailman-Users] removing members with non-standard characters

Anne Ramey anne.ramey at ncmail.net
Tue Dec 12 19:36:48 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Anne Ramey wrote:
>> I should have mentioned that will not work for this case.  You'll notice 
>> that these are not all nice ascii characters.  some are spaces, some 
>> deletes, some other hex values...I don't know what they all are because 
>> they will not copy and past nicely.  They don't appear at all when I do 
>> list_members.  Any other ideas
> There are several options and I have lots of ideas.
> Have you tried just checking the 'unsub' box next to the entry?
yes, it says it is successful, but the addresses are still there
> The 'address' you see looks a lot like the URL of the options page that
> the address is a link to. Perhaps you are not seeing the address at
> all, but rather, you are seeing the result of funny characters in the
> address confusing the browser's rendering of the anchor tag. It looks
> like
> <http://lists.ncmail.net/mailman/options/nciin-network-ops/%00b%00r%00i%00a%00n%00v%00--at--%00n%00c%00c%00c%00s%00.%00c%00c%00.%00n%00c%00.%00u%00s%00%00%00%00%00%1F%00%00%00%01%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%03%00%00%00>
> is a link to the options page of the user whose address is
> %00b%00r%00i%00a%00n%00v%00--at--%00n%00c%00c%00c%00s%00.%00c%00c%00.%00n%00c%00.%00u%00s%00%00%00%00%00%1F%00%00%00%01%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%03%00%00%00
> (if you replace --at-- with @, %00 with ^@, %1F with ^_, %01 with ^A
> and %03 with ^C)
> Do you see brianv at ncccs.cc.nc.us on the list_members output? 
No, I see b^@r^@i^@n^@@.... the name has all the control characters in 
it.  Which is why it doesn't display, delete, or list correctly
> Does this
> entry appear in the membership list on its own page at the beginning?
There are 4 like this, and yes, they appear on their own page at the 
beginning of the membership list.
> It also looks like someone mass subscribed a list pasted from or output
> by a word processor
> If the bad addresses don't appear in list_members (I don't know why
> they wouldn't, but maybe they just appear with the control characters
> that you don't see and thus look OK) you can do
>   bin/list_members listname | bin/synch_members -f - -n listname
This says:
./list_members listname | ./sync_members -f - -n listname
Dry run mode
Invalid :  brianv at ncccs.cc.nc.us
You must fix the preceding invalid addresses first.
So I guess no luck there.
> and if you like what that says, you can do
>   bin/list_members listname | bin/synch_members -f - listname
> You might also try
>   bin/list_members -i listname
> to see what that shows.
> You could create a simple withlist script to validate member addresses
> and delete invalid ones..

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