[Mailman-Users] Mailman on Mac OS X Server 10.3: Outgoingmessagesstuck in qrunner/in folder

Pierre Igot igot at cprp.ca
Thu Dec 14 19:03:16 CET 2006

On 06-12-14, at 13:18, Carl Zwanzig wrote:

>> But the reality was that, in all likelihood, this was a pretty basic
>> problem that had to do with Mailman itself, that it probably had
>> nothing to do with Apple's customizations, and that the most
>> efficient way to get help was probably to submit a request to this  
>> list.
> From my dim memories, this probably isn't the case as often as it is
> (the recent thread on pipermail and debian?). Also, if it's a common
> problem, it's likely to have been addresed in the FAQ or sometime
> earlier on this list. The number of people that don't check either
> resource is astounding (esp as evidenced by the responses that simple
> say "check faq x.yy").

Believe it or not, I did check the FAQ before submitting my request.

Try searching for all keywords "message stuck qfiles/in" or simply  
for "qfiles" in the FAQ, for example. It doesn't return anything that  
would have helped in my case.

>> The question is whether it really costs Mailman experts such as
>> yourself so much effort to just provide such basic help from time to
>> time to "newbies" like me using a possibly somewhat non-standard
>> version of Mailman.
> The problem that comes up far too often is that someone, such as Mark,
> says "what's in the vette log?" or "delete /usr/local/mailman/lists/ 
> fred.lock"
> and the questioner says "where is it?" or "But I don't -have- a
> /usr/local/mailman" directory". We then start playing 20 questions-
> do you have root access?
> which version is installed?
> which pakcaged version is installed?
> etc.  (iirc, all if which is in faq 3.14)

OK, but that didn't happen in my case as far as I know. My problem  
did not require any references to Mac OS X-specific things. I only  
provided the Mac-specific information as a courtesy, because it was  
part of list etiquette.

Mark provided me with a one-line Unix command that happened to work  
with my version of Mailman in Mac OS X, but if it hadn't worked, I  
would have simply tried to find where "mailmanctl" was on my system,  
without bothering the list with such a detail. As it happens, I  
didn't have to do this, but I would have done it if required. So I  
don't feel that there was anything in my case that forced anyone to  
deal with non-standard issues.

> Given that mailman and the support are free, I think it's a bit
> much to expect that the maintainers know exactly how each distributor
> builds their package (directories, options, etc). They can only say
> "on a stock system, it works like this", and sometimes "there's a  
> vette
> log somewhere, please find it".

And that's all that I was asking for. I didn't ask for anything  
beyond this.


Pierre Igot, administrateur des systèmes / Systems Administrator

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