[Mailman-Users] additional Mailman Admin accounts

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Dec 14 22:59:46 CET 2006

At 1:43 PM -0800 12/14/06, Carconni wrote:

>  Is it possible to create an additional Mailman admin account.  I have
>  a department director who want access over all his department's mailing
>  lists.  He wants to be able to use one username and password without
>  changing the individual list passwords.  Is there a way to do this?  We
>  can't give them the mailman account info so we need to find an alternative.

The Mailman site admin password can be used to administer any list. 
Of course, the individual list admin password can always be reset, 
either by another Mailman list admin or by the site admin.

But in all cases, all you're talking about is a password -- there is 
no separate account name associated with that.  Anyone who has the 
password gets in, but if you don't have the password then you are 
kept out.  It's not like you have to specify both username and 
password -- it's password only.

With regards to admin passwords, those are the only choices. 
Anything else will require source code modifications.

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