[Mailman-Users] Ask create list question

遠東圖書公司 leowu at mail.fareast.com.tw
Fri Dec 15 02:22:50 CET 2006

Yes, I enter my password  in  the "List creator's (authentication) password:" box , and my password is only contaion  'us-ascii' characters! 
And I found something strangely. I use the command mode to create a list successful I can use command "list_lists" to see it  but 
when I use web ui to conform .. it shows "there are no this lists"  
Did I miss anything  to make this happen?

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  leowu at mail.fareast.com.tw wrote:

  >    I just try to installthe mailman-2.1.9 and it looks work but when I want
  >to creat a new list
  >it alway show "Error: You are not authorized to create new mailing lists"
  >I use the command "bin/mmsitepass xxxxxx" twice and creat the new list via
  >web ui but
  >it still shwo the same message ! What can I do to solve this problem 

  Are you entering this exact password in the "List creator's
  (authentication) password:" box at the bottom of the form?

  Does the password contain only 'us-ascii' characters? If not, it may be
  getting munged in the web posting process.

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