[Mailman-Users] Concerning Build-time options

Ryan Steele steele at agora-net.com
Fri Dec 15 15:37:00 CET 2006

Thanks to Mark, Brad, and the rest who have lent their input.  I have 
one more question though, hopefully with an easy answer I'm simply not 

I've got a Mailman installation that was built on box A.  Box A's 
default domain is the .priv domain, but that domain is only visible to 
the internal network.  So, box A's internal domain is .priv to all the 
internal boxes; to the external boxes, it's A.foo.com.  However, Mailman 
seems to be sending out messages to list moderators with regard to new 
member requests with A.priv as the sending hostname/domain.  As a 
result, the return address is mailman-bounces at A.priv (instead of 
mailman-bounces at lists.foo.com)  Needless to say, when other mail servers 
test for the existence of an MX record for the .priv domain, it doesn't 

I've double-checked, using the config_list utility, that host_name was 
correct, and it is...I've got "host_name = lists.foo.com".  Is there 
some other option I can set within Mailman to change the default 
domain?  Or is this something I need to fix at the MTA level?  All other 
mail (e.g., mail not being sent out by Mailman) seems to go out with the 
correct domain name, but I'm not discounting anything at this point.  
Thanks in advance for any input/advice.

Best Regards,

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