[Mailman-Users] Mail delivery notification

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Dec 15 19:41:51 CET 2006

Andres Tarallo wrote:
>We need to receive a notification that the suscribers had received the mail.
>We where thinking in adding a header that makes the mail client return an
>automatic answer.

Don't do it. It is totally unreliable, and only serves to annoy people.

No matter what Header(s) you use, some MUAs won't recognize it, and
those that do generally offer the user the option of not returning the

Many people who see that you've asked for a receipt for mailing list
mail will be annoyed by the fact.

The best you can do is monitor bounces from your list mailings. Your
outgoing MTA will try to deliver all the mail. It will return bounces
for the mail which isn't accepted by the receiving MTA. Receiving
MTA's that accept the mail may later return a bounce, may silently
discard the mail or may deliver it to the recipients mailbox where it
may or may not be read.

Thus, you know what you sent and you know what bounced. Of the rest,
you can never be sure no matter what you do.

If you really need confirmation, ask the recipient to reply. This is
better than anything else you can do.

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