[Mailman-Users] users have to refresh browser to see new messages

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Fri Dec 15 22:48:32 CET 2006

Barry Cisna wrote:
>Hello ALL,
>I've googled for this but cant find anything in regards to this issue.
>After new posts are shown on our Archives at school by secretaries,most
>users webbrowsers do not detect newly added messages to the list archives
>until they do an F5 to refresh their webbrowser. I m sure there is a
>setting in mailman to automagically do this behind the scenes? I cant seem
>to find ,were at,though.
>Hence most people/teachers "think" the posts are appearing a day or two
>late?:(... I dont really care to go around and change the setting in IE to
>"refresh" every time at each website:(...
>Any ideas appreciated.
>BTW: They are mostly XP boxes with some using Firefox as well.
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Nope, mailman has absolutely nothing to do with that.

That's all web browser cache settings.

What you could do to help alleviate the issue is to change the 
archive index page HTML template to add a Page Expires Meta tag with 
a date in the past that would force the browser to do a fetch each 
time the page is loaded.

The only other option is to get all of the users to change the cache 
settings on their browser and we all know how likely that is to happen.


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