[Mailman-Users] Mail delivery notification

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Dec 16 03:45:13 CET 2006

At 10:48 AM -0300 12/15/06, Andres Tarallo wrote:

>  We need to receive a notification that the suscribers had received the mail.
>  We where thinking in adding a header that makes the mail client return an
>  automatic answer.

You can put in a header that some mail clients will recognize, and 
which may be configured to allow a return receipt to be generated. 
However, not all clients understand that concept at all, there have 
been multiple different attempts and standards to try to achieve this 
goal, and some of those multiple attempts are mutually incompatible.

Unless you can guarantee that all subscribers will only have a 
certain client available to them, and no possibility whatsoever of 
forwarding their mail somewhere else or being able to use any other 
type of client, and that this one required client will support 
whatever standard you care to choose, then there are no guarantees 
that you'll be able to enforce this requirement.  Moreover, some mail 
servers are configured to strip all such headers, so even if all the 
mail clients are fully compliant with your requirements, you also 
have to guarantee that all mail servers are likewise compliant with 
those requirements.

If you can't enforce those kinds of hard draconian requirements on 
everyone, then you're screwed.

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