[Mailman-Users] FW: Wrong group

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Mon Dec 18 18:36:11 CET 2006

Ralph Utbult wrote:
> Installed package via X (Gnome). Version 2.1.9.

What distro and distro version?

> Since I'm not a regular Un*x administrator (fix some simple mail
> problem once a month) I tend to like GUI over CMD ;-) 

Fair enough.  Though mailman provides no GUI method of installing, so
any such method that is used would have to be provided by your distro
and you'd likely have to ask them for help if it fails (or hope that
someone here uses the same distro and can tell you how to get it

> Todd, my /usr/lib/mailman/subdir-files all have mail as GUID. Isn't
> that suppose to mean mail client (Postfix)?
> Silly question, is the mail wrapper the
> /usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman file?

Yeah, that's the wrapper script.  I'm not entirely sure how or if
postfix checks the permissions and ownership of the wrapper.  The
perms/ownership I think are most important to postfix are those of the
alias file.

> Aliases is root mail and aliases.db is mail mail

That seems like the right setup.  What does your Postfix alias_maps
setting say?  Is there a separate entry for the mailman aliases

> Isn't group mailman used at all?

The default if you install mailman from source is to use group
mailman.  I know that Debian uses group mail in their packages.  I'm
not sure what other distros use group mail.  In any event, that's a
choice made by the folks that package mailman for your system.  You'll
have to ask whomever that is for specific advice on getting the
Postfix integration working with the setup they've provided you.  I've
installed mailman from source and from Red Hat and Fedora packages and
not had much trouble getting that integration working smoothly.  YMMV.

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