[Mailman-Users] problem tracking down discard reason

Ron Brogden rb at islandnet.com
Tue Dec 19 22:35:13 CET 2006

Hello.  I have a list admin who is attempting to legitimately post to a 
Mailman list (version 2.1.9) but Mailman is discarding the message:

Dec 18 12:42:42 2006 (168) Message discarded, msgid: 
<00f101c722e4$ce2ad570$3200a8c0 at SKIPPER>

Here is the exim log showing the message arriving (domain changed of course):

2006-12-18 12:42:41 1GwPJo-000MhT-Jp <= test at example.com
H=mail.example.com (example.com) [] P=esmtp S=54593 
id=00f101c722e4$ce2ad570$3200a8c0 at SKIPPER T="Subject Line Here"

The administrator gets a discard notice but there is no mention of 
specifically why the message was discarded.  Is there any option anyone is 
aware of to make logging of discards more verbose?  

Looking in the code, the discard error appears to get logged here:

Mailman/Queue/IncomingRunner.py (line 163)

except Errors.DiscardMessage:
                # Throw the message away; we need do nothing else with it.
                syslog('vette', 'Message discarded, msgid: %s',
                       msg.get('message-id', 'n/a'))
                return 0

Is there any attribute that I can use with the msg.get method (or any other 
method for that matter) to add in a note as to why the message was actually 

Any help appreciated.



support at islandnet.com
ph: (250) 383-0096 fax: (250) 383-6698

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