[Mailman-Users] problem tracking down discard reason

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Dec 20 03:07:00 CET 2006

Ron Brogden writes:

 > The administrator gets a discard notice but there is no mention of 
 > specifically why the message was discarded.  Is there any option anyone is 
 > aware of to make logging of discards more verbose?

Unlike the Hold exception, the Discard exception contains no
information about why it was raised.  As a workaround you can go
through your filters and change them to Hold instead of Discard.
Mailman will never discard anything unless the administrator has
authorized it.

Personally, I never use an automatic discard until I have several
thousand messages experience with the rule with no false positives.

 > Is there any attribute that I can use with the msg.get method (or any other 
 > method for that matter) to add in a note as to why the message was actually 
 > discarded?

I don't think so, for the reason given above.

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