[Mailman-Users] Archiving only certain topics and/or the "default"topic

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Dec 20 16:39:27 CET 2006

Kelly Jones wrote:

>I admin a mailing list that receives two types of messages:
>1. Important human-typed messages that should be archived
>2. Transient machine-generated messages that people may want to read,
>but which lose value rapidly, and, therefore, shouldn't be archived.
>I've set up topics so that all the transient messages have their own
>topic (they're machine-generated so the subjects always match known

Don't do this with topics. The topics may be OK for other reasons, but
for archiving there is a better way (using topics to control archiving
will require code modification or a custom handler).

Have your machine generated messages include an X-No-Archive: header
and they won't be archived. Headers that will work to not archive
messages are

X-No-Archive: Yes
X-No-Archive: any value
X-Archive: No

They are not case sensitive.

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