[Mailman-Users] Problem hooking mailman up with sendmail

Clement Hermann clement.hermann at businessdecision.com
Fri Dec 22 11:26:50 CET 2006

stupidmail4me a écrit :
> Precisely Mr Hermann. As such, it has to be invoked
> via mailertable (for an entire domain) or via aliases
> for specific addresses.
mhmm.. just took a look at this piece of code, it could be just what I
need to ease the burden of creating new lists, thanks  :)

I'd just need to patch it a bit to support a virtual domain set up (one
instance of mailman per domain).

Anyway, regarding your problem, it might be a wrong variable in the
mm-handler, or maybe you forgot to add the virtusertable feature to your
.mc file (and then the virtuser_domain won't be taken into account by
sendmail). It's difficult to say without reviewing all the relevant
parts of your configuration.


Clement Hermann (nodens)

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