[Mailman-Users] generate web page of addresses in different format

Dennis Hughes dvhughes at mindspring.com
Wed Feb 1 22:09:50 CET 2006

 How are you able to generate the subscriber list?  I have been wanting to
do that for some time.

If you get a list, it should be a simple matter to find and replace the " at
" with "@".  Ctrl H in Word.


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I would like to be able to generate a list of subscribed addresses from the
list information page. I can do this, but the address format is 'joe.blow at
wherever.com'. Currently, all 500+ lists at our site only give the
Administrator the ability to do this. Consequently, the security risk of a
user harvesting email addresses isn't really much of a possibility. Is there
a way to generate the page so that it uses the '@' instead of 'at'.


Christopher Adams

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