[Mailman-Users] Unwanted Unsubscribe Notifications

Matthew O'Malley matthew at grandjunctiondesign.com
Fri Feb 3 00:59:33 CET 2006

Hello all - thanks in advance for any suggestions.


My list moderators are receiving unsubscribe notifications for the list, and
I don't know how to turn that off.  I have (under General Options) "Should
administrator get notices of subscribes and unsubscribes?" set to "No", but
I'm wondering if there's another setting I need to turn off.


I have (under General Options) "Should the list moderators get immediate
notice of new requests" set to "Yes" because it's a fully moderated list,
and I want them to get the notices that there's a new message immediately.


At the moment, I also have Emergency moderation of all list traffic enabled.



Matthew O'Malley


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