[Mailman-Users] Unwanted Unsubscribe Notifications

Matthew O'Malley matthew at grandjunctiondesign.com
Fri Feb 3 17:57:03 CET 2006

Responses below-

Matthew O'Malley wrote:
>>My list moderators are receiving unsubscribe notifications for the list,
>>I don't know how to turn that off.  I have (under General Options) "Should
>>administrator get notices of subscribes and unsubscribes?" set to "No",
>>but I'm wondering if there's another setting I need to turn off.

Mark Sapiro wrote:
>That should be the one. Some processes, e.g. admin mass unsubscribe and
>bin/sync_members, have the ability to override this setting. How are
>your members getting unsubscribed?

My members are unsubscribing themselves by sending an email to the list, so
I can't see that this would cause the notices to be sent to the moderators.

Thank you for your other moderation answers.

-Matthew O'Malley
Grand Junction Design

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