[Mailman-Users] Virtual Servers

Jon Loose jjloose at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Feb 6 12:10:55 CET 2006

I am sure I should be able to sort this one out via
the documentation/threads, but am struggling to do so,
so some help would be appreciated!

I have successfully set up mailman 2.1.6 on my redhat
server, but now wish to use further domain names.  I
would like the domain names to be treated as
separately as possible, but reading through the docs,
it seems that I cannot have the same list name on
separate domains.  This is not an issue, so fine.

I have set up a virtual mail domain for a second
domain, and am able to successfully send/receive email
via this domain.

I have then changed the "preferred domain" for one of
my lists (via web interface) to this second domain. 
I'm sure there is more to do, but unsure exactly what:

The question is, what do I need to do next in
postfix/mailman to make the two work together?  

1 - Do I need to edit /etc/postfix/virtual?
2 - What changes do I need to make to mailman?
3 - Do I need to make any changes to httpd.conf or
other apache config files? (note that I can access the
mailman admin interface via domain1/mailman/admin and
also domain2/mailman/admin, but at present the list of
email lists only shows up via domain1/mailman/admin)

My setup is pretty much "standard", so just a bit of
handholding should get me through if anyone is able to
spell it out for me.

Thanks in advance,

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