[Mailman-Users] Not a list member notification email

Lawrence Bowie ldb at freestandards.org
Mon Feb 6 23:32:41 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Lawrence Bowie wrote:
>>> If that's what you want, you need to set Privacy options...->Sender
>>> filters->generic_nonmember_action) to Reject.
>> 	Does not work? I was hoping there was something I was missing but apparently 
>> not. I do not receive the reject messag until about 4 or 6 hours later. Which is 
>> what led into the below question.....
> So it actually does work, but you have a problem with delayed
> deliveries. This is probably not a Mailman issue per se, but looking
> into the qfiles/ entries may indicate a Mailman problem.
> Otherwise, this may be a Mailman/MTA integration issue or it may be
> strictly in the outgoing MTA or beyond.
> Does your outgoing mail go through your ISP and if so, does the ISP
> limit outgoing mail somehow? Note that this can be the case even if
> you have your own outgoing MTA. Some ISPs intercept ALL port 25
> connects and route them through their own server.

Thank you Mark... I have full control of the MTA and I am using PostFix.

I should tell you that ...

	1) I do not have bounce processing enabled within Mailman
	2) The mailing lists have been migrated from older versions mailman
	and have been cleaned up.
	3) When typing, mailq, on the server, it does not list the corresponding
	held messages. These are message Mailman has in its qfiles that PostFix
	does not know about.

Thanks ..


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