[Mailman-Users] Virtual Servers

Jon Loose jjloose at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Feb 7 02:29:24 CET 2006

Thanks for the correction... "MTA='Postfix'" works
just fine.

However, no change in mailing behaviour after making
this change and
restarting mailman/postfix.  I still can't get
messages out beyond the
local network.

Note that up to this point, I have put the aliases for
mailman lists in
/etc/aliases and have only created lists via
command-line interface. 
Also, I observe that there are no data/aliases or
files.  Do I need to create these?



Mark Sapiro said:
> Jon Loose wrote:
>>However, I now find that sending a message to the
>>on domain2 leads to copies being sent out to a local
>>user, but not to any users outside my network.  This
>>looks like an MTA issue, and so I'm sure I should
>>fixed things slightly differently in postfix. 
>>comments below:
> This sounds like Postfix thinks that domain2 is not
local and it is
> refusing to relay from domain2 to the outside.
>>> I'm not really familiar with Postfix, but see
>>and the
>>> other material in that section of the manual.
>>The trouble is, this is the documentation I don't
>>understand!  Can anyone help?  Specifically, having
>>set up domain2 as a virtual domain in postfix, what
>>I need to do to allow mailman to use this?  I
>>the /etc/postfix/virtual will need editing (do
>>need moving from /etc/aliases for this?) but am not
> This has to do primarily with setting up Postfix so
that incoming mail
> to the various list and list-* addresses at domain1
and domain2 are
> all properly delivered to Mailman.
> I don't think anything special needs to be done to
accommodate outgoing
> mail from Mailman as long as both domain1 and
domain2 can send mail at
> all.
>>> MTA = Postfix
> <snip>
>>Got it... FYI, the "MTA=Postfix" threw up an error,
>>but all went well without this line.
> My fault. It needs to be
> MTA = 'Postfix'
> So that bin/genaliases and list creation and
deletion can automatically
> update the Mailman aliases and virtual maps files
for Postfix.
> Mailman creates/updates the data/aliases and
data/virtual-mailman files
> and the postalias and postmap commands update the
corresponding .db
> files.
> The aliases and virtual-mailman files are referenced
in the Postfix
> configuration in alias_maps and virtual_alias_maps
as shown in the
> manual.

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