[Mailman-Users] Weirdness

Lawrence Bowie ldb at freestandards.org
Tue Feb 7 06:55:56 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Lawrence Bowie 
>> I have not tried the above but it is asking for confirmation because the posts 
>> are from legitimate automatic engines that send email. The list does not know 
>> how to distinguish between SPAM and a legitimate automatic post.
>> Any ideas on resolving this dilemma?
> Posts which are held because of being from a non-member are only held
> based on the calculated 'sender' of the message which in turn is based
> on only a few message headers which all looked OK in your sample
> message.
> I can understand your reluctance to patch the code, but at least look
> in the 'vette' log and see what the entry there reports as the sender
> of the held post.

In the vette log, I am seeing these messages from the automatic posts ...

Feb 06 06:13:14 2006 (17698) mail-list post from daemon at mydomain.com held, 
message-id=<E1F6771-0005Yn-00 at servername.mydomain.com>: Message has implicit 

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