[Mailman-Users] Weirdness

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Feb 7 07:14:59 CET 2006

Lawrence Bowie wrote:
>In the vette log, I am seeing these messages from the automatic posts ...
>Feb 06 06:13:14 2006 (17698) mail-list post from daemon at mydomain.com held, 
>message-id=<E1F6771-0005Yn-00 at servername.mydomain.com>: Message has implicit 

So the post is held because the list posting address is not in a To: or
Cc: header of the post, not because daemon at mydomain.com is not a
member. If you want these posts to go to the list without being held
for moderator approval, here are your choices.

1)Arrange for the automated sender to put the list posting address in a
To: or Cc: header in the message, or

2)go to the list's Privacy options...->Recipient filters page and
either set require_explicit_destination to No or add the actual To:
address of the message or a regular expression that matches it to

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